Creative Production Options

Monte uses special high end digital cameras with a variety of outstanding lenses. They produce sharp, crisp photographs with vivid colors, which is required, especially when producing images in very large sizes and maintaining superb quality.


Monte Nagler Fine Art also employs an in house graphic designer who majored in Fine Art and Commercial Photography. Most of Monte’s photographs can be customized to fit any design need.

Original Fine Art Photographs:
color, black & white or infrared

Weasel River, Baffin Island, CanadaMonte has been photographing for over 30 years, capturing imagery from around the world. His fine art photographs are taken with large top end digital cameras. It is a testament to Monte’s commitment to the art of photography that he uses only the best equipment to photograph and produce a piece of art that has the expertise and quality for its entire lifetime.

Framed Wall Art

Framed Color ArtOnly the finest techniques and materials are used when producing Monte’s images. The photographic papers and ink are archival. The mats are custom cut from acid-free cotton rag boards for archival quality. His framing is done with only the highest standards.

Printing on watercolor paper

Butchart-GardensPrinting on watercolor photographic archival paper gives the image the appearance of a watercolor look because the inks are absorbed on textured paper.

Collaborative Artwork

Collaborative ArtworkThe unique collaborative creation of wood embedded into a photograph has been designed and developed by Monte and Shayn Smith, a Fine Art Marquetarian. The presentations are one of a kind and are custom to each art piece.

Printing on canvas or tapestry

Print on TapestryThe appearance of the photographic image printed on canvas or tapestry gives the look and feel of a painted piece of artwork. Finishing it by mounting onto a substrate and then framing it, or gallery wrapping the art piece on a stretcher bar enhances the “painted look” of the art.

Unframed Art mounted to a substrate:
hardboard, acrylic or glass

Acrylic Triptych- Unframed Art Mounted to SubstrateFrameless photographs mounted onto different hardboard substrates, acrylic or glass gives the art a more contemporary look. In certain environments, these printing options also make it more advantageous in flexibility to space requirements and durability.

Printing directly on glass

Glass ArtworkThe look and feel of the photographic image printed directing onto glass creates a unique custom look that enhances or integrates with new or existing décor. We can create a glass product that functions technically and aesthetically.

Printing on illuminated panels for ceilings and walls

Illuminated Panels installed in Linac RoomThe translucent PhotoLight™ ceiling or wall panel glows with the light from the fluorescent or LED fixture. The back-lit photographs suggest a feeling of spaciousness and the illusion of the outdoors. They also create an inviting focal point for patients in reclined positions.

Printing on wood

Printed on WoodPrinting artwork on wood gives new options for transforming and enhancing the original piece in ways that are impossible on traditional papers. These options add depth and character to the print by emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood material printed onto.

Printing on metal

Photographs printed on metal take on a brilliant sheen. The metal flashes through to create a distinct look that catches your eye from every angle.

Window art

Window ArtWhat a creative way to mask something outdoors that doesn’t make the view a favorable one. The material allows the natural outdoor light to filter through and act as a light source. The image appears to be illuminated.

Surface mounted Wall Murals on wallpaper

Surface Mounted Wall Mural 2Wall murals printed on wallpaper and installed add depth and personality to the space. A transition occurs that converts the entire space to the scene designed on the wallpaper. The atmosphere in the space becomes part of the image on the wallpaper mural.

Audiovisual DVD

Audiovisual-DVDMonte Nagler has combined his visual imagery with the talents of musician Robert Hitz in the creation of an audiovisual experience. As the images move through the DVD, music is matched to the flow to establish a soothing rhythm. The marriage of the senses of sight and sound produces a dynamic source of comfort. The TV/ digital or flat panel display screen can now become a venue of relaxation, enjoyment and an enhancement to healing.

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