Art For Healing

Healthcare is making monumental changes to design environments that contribute to a better experience and better outcomes for all users of the facility READ MORE…

Interior Design / Art Consultation

Both the creativity of artwork and the creativity of design for a particular space, or environment, start with a commonality – that of composition READ MORE…

Business / Corporate

Many companies select art to resonate their particular culture and support the company brand. It is not just about a “pretty picture”, but an intended design to help communicate a message READ MORE…

Residential Decor

One of the greatest benefits of owning art is the feelings that it gives you. We all like to feel good! Art has an aesthetic quality that can enhance a room READ MORE…


In the search for the essentials of well-designed incentive programs, motivational gifts and rewards for employee recognition and service well done is sometimes a challenge READ MORE…

New Releases

View some of our fine art and recent additions now available for purchase in our Image Gallery HERE…

Our purpose is to positively impact people’s lives through the power and appreciation of art.

Monte In The News

  • Nationally recognized and unique library of images

  • Art customized based on space, budget, taste and other requirements

  • 100% guaranteed quality of workmanship

  • Personal involvement of artist led team from envision to installation

  • Women-owned & government (SAM) registered

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