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Art in the workplace can be of great significance

Many companies select art to resonate their particular culture and support the company brand. It is not just about a “pretty picture”, but an intended design to help communicate a message. Art in the workplace has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity, and boost employee morale.

Artwork can generate a distinctive and distinguished atmosphere that sometimes is not even obvious to the people in the space. Next time you are at your place of employment, take a look around at the walls and judge for yourself.

“The reaction to the photographs as a reward has been outstanding. Our employees have found them to be a handsome and distinctive gift that they are proud to display prominently in their work areas.”

Jennifer Karaskiewicz

Visteon Corporation

“After consulting with Monte Nagler and selecting the images we liked best, the results were nothing short of unbelievable. Monte’s incredible work transformed a plain room into a golfer’s haven. Wireless Giant is very pleased with the finished product and could not have done it without the help of Mr. Nagler.”

Isaac Hanna

C.E.O., Wireless Giant


  • Images to reinforce your brand and culture. Improve employee satisfaction.
  • Extensive library of images to fit any environment
  • Direct collaboration with the artist and the team
  • Support for review of environment, selection & presentation
  • Identification Plaques Available (Special Order)