Our purpose is to positively impact people’s lives through the power and appreciation of art.

As a way of giving back, Monte Nagler Fine Art publishes a Blog to bring recognition to the benefits of art.
Our aim is to share new information and education on the benefits of art in healthcare and everyday life.

What Are The Healing Arts?- September ’19 #132

What Are The Healing Arts? Originally published by www.montefiore.org The healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change. Traditional healing arts include music, art, dance/movement, poetry/writing, and drama therapies....

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What is Arts in Health?- July ’19 #131

What is Arts in Health? Originally published by www.artshealthandwellbeing.org.uk/what-is-arts-in-health Over recent years, there has been a growing understanding of the impact that taking part in the arts can have on health and wellbeing. By supplementing medicine...

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Photo Caption June ’19

Please enjoy our latest Photo Captions.                                         for a pdf version click here: Photo Caption 6-...

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Artwork For Behavioral Health- May ’19 #130

Artwork For Behavioral Health Artwork provides a visually pleasing environment but may also integrate products that cause a safety concern. All artwork and frames should be free from materials that can be broken to produce sharp edges. Likewise, artwork must be well...

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Photo Caption April ’19

Please enjoy our latest Photo Captions.                                             for a pdf version click here: Photo Caption 4-...

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The Impact Of Art In The Workplace March ’19 #129

The Impact Of Art In The Workplace Originally published 5/1/16 by: Karen Higginbottom, Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The impact of art in the workplace is often underestimated. Splashes of color in a painting can alter the mood...

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