Residential Decor

One of the greatest benefits of owning art is the feelings that it gives you. We all like to feel good! Art has an aesthetic quality that can enhance a room; it can lift the mood of the room and everyone in it. It can be a conversation starter, or just an eye catching focal point to be admired.

There are many benefits to owning art; however the most important one by far is simply for the love of it. Art work should be appreciated and be a source of inspiration and joy for years to come.


“Monte Nagler is an exceptional photographer. I purchased one of his pieces of work for my son as a Christmas present. It was a beautiful picture… Monte knows how to capture the incredible beauty of the world. Mickey Nagler, Monte’s wife, represents the company. They are both ethical and great people, not only to deal with in purchasing their art, but to know as human beings.”

Gary Gabel

Monte Nagler’s artwork is simply breathtaking! It’s apparent that photography is Monte’s passion and not his work…
It’s no wonder why Monte’s works grace the walls of properties around the world! I also look forward to someday attending one of his world class photography trips, as it is on my Bucket List

Brian Hollowaty

“You are a remarkable Man; who enjoys life thru his pictures and travels. Thanks for hanging your beautiful picture in my Great room!   I love it ! I can’t wait to have guests over so they can see it !”

Patricia Rigney


  • Extensive library of images to fit any environment
  • Direct collaboration with the artist and the team
  • Matting and Framing done by Monte Nagler Fine Art