Art For Healing

Healthcare is making monumental changes to design environments that contribute to a better experience and better outcomes for all users of the facility. Research has shown the use of art in healthcare will uplift and reduce stress for patients, families and staff.

Monte Nagler Fine Art has been providing art to healthcare facilities including hospitals, imaging centers, medical offices, dental offices and senior living centers for over 20 years. As affiliated members of the Arts in Health Alliance & The Center For Health Design, we are acutely aware of the benefits of the arts in the healthcare environment and how to make the best use of it.

Monte Was Featured on Eye on Detroit.

“I greatly appreciate your talents and passion for creating such high quality and visually appealing photographic art. Additionally, thank you for your commitment to work with the OAH team. Your knack for identifying the best pieces to bring the space to life always exceeded our expectations. On a daily basis we receive glowing remarks about the positive impact your work has made on our environment. Simply put, the pieces are stunning and testimony to Monte’s artistic talent and your design and implementation expertise!”

Eric W. Widner

Division President, FACHE

“The mind body connection is well documented in medical journals. Anyone who is involved in a health care setting and looking to reduce costs, and hospital stays needs to meet with Monte Nagler Fine Art, LLC. His artwork has a message and truly inspires positive thoughts which are critical to releasing healing chemicals in the brain. Mickey is a true seasoned professional artist.”

Alita Marlow Bluford

Hospitals must keep sight of the ‘softer’ side of patient care, using design and architecture to create a feeling of wellness. Architectural elements such as large windows admitting natural light, calming, low-wavelength colors…aesthetically pleasing artwork and the introduction of nature via plants and aquariums can minimize the clinical atmosphere and make the stay less traumatic for patient and family members. The hospital of the future must never lose sight of the human factor, striving for a balance between high-tech and human touch.

Robert P. Walker

AIA, ACHA Vice President, HGA American School & Hospital Maintenance Magazine, October, 2003


  • Evidenced based art appropriate for healthcare. Improves patient and visitor satisfaction.
  • Support your brand and culture. Improve employee satisfaction.
  • Extensive library of images to fit any environment
  • Direct collaboration with the artist and the team for review of environment, selection and presentation

PhotoLight Ceiling Panels: Linear Accelerator Room

6'x8' Wrapped Canvas Art and 6'x8'- 9 piece Sintra Art

89' x 6' Wall Mural

Wall Mural in Nursing Home Cafeteria

Window Art in Cafeteria

Hospital Lobby Wall Art

Industrial Murals