Posted by Heather Horrocks, Momentum on October 7, 2013

How incorporating art into workplace design can affect employee wellness, job performance, and best represent your brand.

As an art enthusiast, I value the importance of being surrounded by pieces that inspire me in my home. The use of art improves my overall mood, sense of well-being and enjoyment of my personal space.

There are well-known studies around the use of color in the workplace and the emotional responses that it can evoke, but what about art? Can the selection of art have a positive/and or negative impact on employee’s overall well-being therefore collectively affecting a company’s performance and productivity?

According to studies conducted by BOSTI Associates, a workplace planning and design consultancy firm in New York, “there is a clear correlation between how people experience the offices they work in and their productivity levels on the job, including job performance, satisfaction and their ability to communicate with each other.”

In 1967, David Rockefeller established the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) — a national nonprofit organization that encourages, inspires, and stimulates businesses to support the arts in the workplace, in education, and in the community.

According to a survey conducted by the BCA and International Association of Professional Art Advisors (IAPAA) to establish a positive relationship between job productivity, stress, morale, creativity, and art in the workplace across industries, “82% of employees said art was important in the work environment, and 73% percent said their view of the company would change if the art were removed.”

In addition to the potential for improving employee wellness and productivity, artwork also has strategic importance. It can be utilized to contribute to your merchandising and branding strategy.

Credit unions serve their local communities and have members visiting their branches on a daily basis. By incorporating art that reflects the history and brand of your credit union, you can demonstrate your CU’s sense of commitment to the community, as well as best representing your brand.

One good example is Momentum’s client, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union, who commissioned the creation of an original mural that depicts the history of the credit union. By creating a piece that is unique and personal to the credit union and the community, it brings 3River’s brand to life. There is a tangible, visual representation of who they are and what they value as an organization.

When considering design & merchandising options for your Credit Union, think about creating a space that reflects your brand personality. The goal is to create buildings that are more than just spaces for people making transactions. You want to leave a lasting impression on your members and keep them coming back, as well as contribute to your employees’ wellness and job performance.