Simplifying Supergraphics In Healthcare Environments
 Originally posted March 30, 2018 | by: Carolyn Fleetwood Blake


Supergraphics are an exciting way to express the overall aesthetic of a project and create an engaging environment. These pieces are large-scale applied artwork that range in size from a few feet to the side of a building. However, to those unfamiliar with the printing process, introducing this design solution may seem intimidating and too expensive to survive value engineering. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Advancements in printing technology are increasing the number of substrates with custom image capability that are available to manufacturers, ranging from resin, vinyl or coated wallcovering, wood, metal, porcelain tile, clear film, and glass. Designers are now more able to choose a substrate that’s appropriate for a number of spaces in clinical environments and won’t break the bank. Another factor that often influences cost is the image itself, but custom graphics, commissioned photography, and even free archived photos provide options for every price range.

It’s important that designers understand what’s available today and factors to consider when specifying supergraphics for healthcare.

Watch for Part 2 coming in November.

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