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I am delighted to be a part of the World Wide Web with my photography. To look through a camera and know that a mere fraction of a second of exposure can translate a fleeting image into a lifetime of enjoyment for you and me is a true joy. Through my photography, I want to say "This is what I saw and felt and I want to share that."

Photographers have the ability to make visible what others can only sense. This concept excites me. I want to stir people's emotions with my photographs, get them to see the world in a fine light, and help them learn to appreciate life a little more. I've been through a lot of exciting times and adventures to obtain these photographs, and in doing so, I've developed a keen awareness of the earth and its elements.

If I can help to instill in you some of the same feelings through the photographs on my Web page, then a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is mine. How fortunate I am to have a life work that is so satisfying and enjoyable. My intent is to share this with you.

Please browse through my website and experience my passion for photography. Look in my Portfolio section to see the collections of black and white and color images, (don't miss the Archive section). See how they are used as Incentive/Recognition Rewards. See how my color photographs are used in hospital, medical, dental and other similar facilities. Check out the Background section to discover what I am all about. My Articles section will contain stories that I have written for publication and also articles written about me. The Events section will give you information on where I am currently exhibiting, teaching and spending my photography time. And last, but not least, the Contact section lets you get in touch with me. I would sure appreciate your impressions of my photography and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Thanks in advance for sharing "what I felt and saw."


Please visit our Photos For Healing site at where you will see more samplings of my fine art photography and sample installations from our work in the Healthcare System.

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